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At just 3 years old, Robin hasn't been alive for long.  However he was diagnosed with Leukaemia just one month before his 3rd birthday. Robin has always been the happiest of little boys, incredibly polite and a beautiful nature.  He absolutely adores his younger sister and before his diagnosis, he loved being active. 


Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia is rough. Whilst there are times when Robin is his normal lovely self, being pumped full of medication and steroids is horrible for him. The changes his body goes through are both physical and psychological and at his age, he doesn't understand that the medication that hurts him is making him better.

Raising funds for Children with Cancer UK

whilst Robin Offord goes through his treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Team Robin

Team Robin and the London Marathon 2023

As part of supporting Robin through his treatment, a team of us will be running the London Marathon to raise funds for Children with Cancer UK. Robin's dad, Karl will be running his third marathon as Dick Grayson's alter ego 'Robin'.  Karl's friend of 25 years, Phil will be running as 'Batman', and Andrew makes up the fancy dress trio as Gotham's villain 'The Riddler'

Children with Cancer UK have been at the forefront of supporting research into cancers specifically affecting children since February 1988.  Their work not only supports families impacted by cancer, but also funds research into new, kinder treatments so that not only to children like Robin have the best chance at beating cancer, but the treatments are less gruelling and painful. In the 35 years that Children with Cancer have been operating, over £20,000,000 has been raised to help combat childhood cancer.  In that time, treatments have become kinder and more successful.  

Children with Cancer UK

Every day, more than 12 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK.


8 out of 10 young childhood cancer patients can be successfully treated thanks to vital, specialist research Children with Cancer UK helped fund.

8 out of 10

For every pound donated, 86p goes directly to help fight childhood cancer.  The remaining 14p goes towards raising more money and results in a further 98p raised.


Children with Cancer UK raised £2M through the London Marathon in 2022. Help us beat that in 2023.


Here's Robin at just 8 months old.  And yes, mum is wearing a Wonder Woman T-Shirt.

Robin Offord

The Team Members

Robin's dad, Karl will be running his 3rd London Marathon, but this will be his first dressed as Robin.  This will probably be his hardest marathon given that finding the time to train whilst caring for Robin is going to be challenging in itself.

Karl Offord (Daddy)

Boy Wonder

This will be Phil's 4th London Marathon, having run for Children with Cancer 3 times before (2004, 2018 & 2019). 5 years ago, he ran in support of another family friend who was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Happily, Suki is now a healthy little girl and he's hoping the outlook will be just as happy for Robin. Phil will be running dressed as the classic Batman.

Phil Wortley


Andrew is no stranger to marathons.  As a veteran triathlete and experienced marathon runner he knows the pain involved in running 26.2 miles.  AHS has been involved in plenty of charity fundraising before but has not run in fancy dress before... AHS will be running as Gotham's villain The Riddler.

Andrew Harden-Sweetnam

The Riddler

Dave is a dad to two young boys and this will be his second time running the London Marathon for Children with Cancer.  Dave's the youngest of the team so we're expecting a good time from him.  Although we're yet to hear what costume he'll be running in... The Joker perhaps?

David Lynn

The Joker?

Dan has completed a number of Marathons and raised thousands for Children with Cancer UK before.  In 2019 he supported friends around the course and this year we've decided he has to run as Catwoman... although he's yet to agree to that :-) 

Dan Marks


If you would like more information on Team Robin, what we are doing to fundraise for Children with Cancer UK or just to keep in touch with any news, please complete the form opposite.

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